Your Medical Records Online  

Need to view your lab results? Want to cancel an appointment or request a prescription refill? 

You can do all this and more online through our Patient Portals, which you can access on the Saratoga Hospital website. Saratoga Hospital Patient Portal is a secure online health management tool that allows you to view your inpatient and outpatient medical information here at the hospital. There are Physician Practice Portals as well, so you can access your records at your doctors’ offices and even print a summary of your clinical visit. 

Patients especially appreciate the ease of using these portals to contact staff at their doctors’ offices for non-urgent questions. You may be seeking a referral, have a question about an appointment, or want to know when your lab results will be available. You can conveniently ask questions like these 24/7 through the Patient Portals, and staff will typically respond the next business day. 

Saratoga Hospital takes the privacy of patient medical records and the security of personal information very seriously, with strict adherence to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) laws and regulations. Our patient portal partners, HIXNY and MEDENT, were chosen with the utmost security and protection of your medical information in mind.

It takes a few minutes to enroll and set up these services, so why not hop onto the Patient Portal page right now and find out how to enroll in the hospital’s portal? For your physician’s portal, ask for an activation code at your doctor’s office front desk. Better to get the enrollment out of the way sooner than later, so you can access your information quickly when you need it most. 

Have questions? Learn more about our Patient Portal services through these frequently asked questions, and please take a moment to enroll in one or more of these portals today. You’ll be glad you did!

Apr 20, 2020 | Categories: Health Information
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