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Keeping You in Good Health

At Saratoga Community Health Center, we do our best to keep you in the best health possible. Click on any of our services to learn more.

Primary, Pediatric and Geriatric Care

Our team of physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners focus on offering easy access to high quality, comprehensive medical care for patients of all ages.

Preventative Services

As a patient at our practice, you have the benefit of receiving preventative services, which vary with a patient’s age. Preventative tests help the providers evaluate your current health status and detect early warning signs.

Sick Visits

For patients that have come down with an acute illness or a flare up of a chronic condition, we make every effort to schedule appointments on the same day you call us.

Care for Chronic Conditions

If you are newly diagnosed or have been managing your condition for a few months or years, our team is here to help. We understand the stress, anxiety or anger that one may feel when diagnosed with a chronic illness.

Healthcare Screenings

Our team provides a number of health screenings to check for diseases and health conditions, prior to signs and symptoms appearing. These screenings help identify problems early on, meaning they may be easier to treat.


Vaccinations are essential to children, as well as adults, because they protect you against infections and diseases. They aim to reduce your risk of infection and work with your body’s natural defenses to safely develop resistance to viruses and bacteria.


Community Education

We offer a number of education programs, screenings and seminars to our community. Our goal is to help you stay well, keep you informed, and guide you through the various health stages of your life. From childbirth education to running screenings, we’ve got you covered.

Laboratory Services

All of Saratoga Hospital’s Laboratory Services Centers are licensed by the New York State Department of Health and accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Imaging / Radiology Services

Diagnostic imaging allows providers to look and discover potential signs of a medical condition. There are a variety of machines and techniques used to capture these images.

Nutritional Services

Good nutrition is a crucial part in living a healthy lifestyle. We offer comprehensive, supportive Outpatient Nutrition Services to help patients lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy food choices.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health is focused on how actions can be tied to and have an impact on our mental, physical and emotional well-being. If you’re experiencing stress, depression, anxiety or nervousness, relationship struggles, grief, and mood disorders or have other concerns that are interfering with your daily responsibilities, we're here to help.

Saratoga Hospital Medical Group

The Saratoga Hospital Medical Group is the Hospital’s multi-specialty group practice of over 140 physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Saratoga Hospital

We have over 450 providers on the medical staff and a range of medical specialties that span over 20 locations throughout the county, including our Wilton campus and the Saratoga Medical Park in Malta.


Monday – Friday:
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Extended hours, by appointment:
Monday– Thursday:
7:30 Am – 8:00 AM and
4:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Lab hours:
Available during normal and extended business hours


Fax: 518-886-5880